My #50PreciousWords entry: Yard Sale Day!

This year I’m appreciating the power of writing contests to focus and spur on creativity.

Last year my writing came to a grinding halt once the world shut down and I was consumed with a million new things. Now in 2021, it feels great to be back. I’m actively participating in SCBWI, 12×12 Picture Book Challenge, Twitter pitch parties, a toned-down version of Madness Poetry, and now the 50 Precious Words contest.

My entry actually is a poem story that’s doing double duty this week. I had a Madness Poetry challenge this week to write a poem using a word I chose from a list of new words that entered the lexicon in my birth year, 1972. I loved “yard sale” and about six others, so I decided to include them all.

Knowing I might run out of time to also write a fabulous extra entry to #50PreciousWords, I limited my poem to 50 words or less. Clever, right? LOL

So here it is, my Madness Challenge/ 47-precious-word-entry, Yard Sale Day:

To see all the amazing entries and find out what all the fun fuss is about, go check it out at Vivian (This is a humongous blog post because the contest is so popular, so it will take a bit longer to load. Completely worth the wait.)

If you know a young person who likes to write, keep in mind that Vivian is hosting #50PreciousWordsForKids in May!

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