It’s Picture Book Pitch Party Time!

I’m excited to be pitching several of my picture book manuscripts today in the Twitter author pitch party, #PBPitch! If you visit me over there at @SavannahHNN, leave an encouraging comment under the pitches you like but save the ❤s for agents and editors. Thanks!
Bitsy spider, piggy toes,
patty cake and kiss my nose.
You hold me and twirl my hair.
SQUEAKY, CREAKY ROCKING CHAIR. Lyrical bedtime story. #PBPitch

“Rocking with my favorite story, back and forth in snuggle glory. I feel safe and happy there. SQUEAKY, CREAKY ROCKING CHAIR.” Nostalgic, sweet bedtime bliss. #PBPitch
A bossy birthday boy is eager to finally eat the BEST CAKE EVER, but a cake-loving, party-crashing, prehistoric sneak just might devour everything before this brave hero can finally get what he deserves. #PBPitch
Seasons come and go, but these siblings’ outlandish bickering persists. This family needs to remember that THE WORLD HAS ROOM for everyone or Valentine’s Day won’t feel very loving! #PBPitch
WHEELS BRING: Wheels are a central part of a small child’s world. They bring fun, friends, surprises, joy, even pain, healing, and new beginnings. Follow a child’s rolling adventure to Grandpa’s farm and back! #PBPitch
When all the colors decide to be just alike, the world becomes a monotone mess. COLORFUL YOU celebrates individuality and teamwork while giving a fun primer in color mixing. #PBPitch
Their cute smiles may fool you, but NEVER MOCK A QUOKKA. They are not amused. Here’s a vital “rule book” for inquisitive quokka enthusiasts. #PBPitch
“Today I awoke to a world all amiss: A creature attacked and roared off with my sis!
Amazed, I alerted my posse, my crew: We’ve trained for this moment! I’m counting on you!”
The brave adventures in NO ESCAPE! also feature a dragon, cannons and a magic book. #PBPitch

NO ESCAPE! When a beast roars off with my sister, it will take quick thinking, my prepared posse of brave adventurers, a dragon, and my magic book to bring her back safely. #PBPitch


I’m looking forward to sharing my book babies with the world!

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