Walk Day #12, Caridad

When my homeschooling friend Caridad Legere agreed to walk with me, I was excited. She’s always hiking with her family in some amazing, scenic location. When she suggested her 7-mile walk along Linear Park to the Glendale stadium and back, I was petrified. 😂 It dawned on me just how many hours that distance might take for me, and I wasn’t sure I’d be ready for the challenge.

(Gratefully, we started a bit late in the day for such a long walk and decided to cut it down to “only” 3.8 miles.) Wow, such a perfect, beautiful evening for a stroll with a friend it was!

Caridad’s family is creative. They build, they paint, they sing… I remember the first time I found out she has a cute tiny house in the backyard devoted entirely to their schooling. So clever and fun! Her daughter took a book writing class from me at our Branches co-op a couple of years back, and wrote a fabulous adventure mystery. Also, she makes the most artistic, yummy marshmallow pops I’ve ever seen. This family loves the Lord, and long ago young Cari committed to give every cent she raised with the mallow pops to sponsor families in need through the Harvest Compassion Center.

Not only does my friend Cari do a superb job as inspirational mom and homemaker, she also works on the Home School Legal Defense Association’s Compassion team, and the board of Arizona Girlchoir. If that wasn’t enough in addition to her own homeschooling, she also teaches Spanish classes in a Christian school twice a week and tutors homeschool students in Spanish via Zoom. (I’ve long been in awe of people who are fluent in multiple languages. It is like next-level genius! 😊) I enjoyed hearing more about her life and the tremendous amount of world traveling she’s done over the years.

(She may be tiny, but she is certainly mighty!)

I can’t wait for our next catch-up time. Caridad has been an encouragement to me after I lost my mom last year, since she herself is about six months ahead of me in that painful journey. We definitely miss our moms and strive to be better moms ourselves. We see that time is short, ultimately, and it’s vitally important to share love, wisdom and laughter with our loved ones while we’re able.

So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.

– Psalm 90:12, KJV Bible

(Running total of my mileage walked with friends on this blog challenge… 27.6 miles with 12 friends.)

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