Walk Day #11, Rachel

Rachel Ryan has been an enthusiastic fan of our family and a fun friend since Matt’s days at Starwood Hotels.

She was McKenna’s first dog sitting client, and would often bring a friend to come celebrate our kids in their musical theater shows with Christian Youth Theater and MoezArt. I always enjoyed her company at work dinner events or boat outings. She has the best laugh!

It made my heart happy when she read my first Walk with Me post and asked to join me for a stroll. 💗 Even more special, she wanted to bring Callie along! Rachel hasn’t needed us to watch her in a couple of years since she started a new comptroller job with less travel, and my kids haven’t done theater in ages, so we have missed them. I knew McKenna would be so jealous, but this first walk was just for us grown-ups.)

It was a nice long walk, 2.5 miles and 85 degrees. I enjoyed our sweet catch-up time while watching families and cute little athletes as we circled Dynamite Park. These last several months of 2020 have been full of emotional turmoil for so many of us. I love the normalcy and connection of these friend outings.

I’m not sure I’ll ever grasp exactly what Rachel does in her fancy finance/comptroller career, but I do know she’s incredibly smart, kind, pretty, artistic… and astonishingly great at cartwheels, LOL.

(Our secret to eternal youth. 😆)

The ride up to Cave Creek and back was so scenic! The open desert looked beautiful in the late afternoon light on my way back home. I had to pull over and snap a picture with my phone.

Thank you again for the walk, Rachel! I loved seeing you and Callie. Maybe next time I’ll brave the trek with my pups, too. We will definitely want McKenna to come along for that!

Ah, Lord God! Behold, You have made the heavens and the earth by Your great power and outstretched arm. There is nothing too hard for You.

– Jeremiah 32:17, NKJV Bible

(New feature: Running total of my mileage walked with friends on this blog challenge… 23.8 miles with 11 friends.)

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