Walk Day #10, Brenda

Wednesday morning after music lessons I met up with my friend Brenda Way for a walk near her place. I don’t know what I was thinking, agreeing to go on a “walk” with a career military woman who’s very fit. She kicked my butt, going fast on a long 3.8-mile loop around the neighborhood and park, including a steep hill. She and the dogs are used to running that route. Running! The dogs were obviously impatient with my pace, LOL.

Brenda travels all over the globe for her Navy communications and public affairs work. She recently spent a year in Djibouti, Africa, an assignment this summer at the Pentagon, and is heading for her next station soon at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii! (I can’t help but think that the recruiter who contacted me in high school didn’t try very hard. This sounds awesome!)

She also serves on the U.S. Navy’s Funeral Honors Team, honoring veterans being laid to rest with a flag ceremony for the families. Last Friday Brenda did that job at her own father’s memorial service. It was an emotional moment.

Brenda’s dad John Culbert, a WWII master chief aviation pilot, was 98 when he participated in her promotion this past February shortly before his passing.

It was the second funeral I’ve attended for their family. They lost their beautiful firstborn daughter Lena just three years ago. I’ve watched this loving family pull through the hard times with strength, grace, and an undeniable trust in the Lord’s care and love for them. 💗

The Ways worked on this gorgeous stained glass piece together with Brenda’s dad. Isn’t it just wonderful??

There’s always a cool, creative project going on at the Way home. They are finishing up remodeling a travel trailer now. When my oldest son Nicolas and their son Keifer first became friends, the family was into musical theater, dog training, raising quail, building a 3-D printer from scratch, making stained glass with Master Chief Culbert, and woodworking (they built their own guitar!). Somehow they do all these things while maintaining amazing, close friendships with their family, neighbors, homeschooling community, and church family… and with Brenda and Dan working their military jobs in the Reserves. I’m exhausted just typing that out.

Maybe jogging four miles with your dogs is the secret sauce to her seemingly endless energy! I’ve been blessed to be part of Brenda’s world. She has a welcoming smile and exudes inner peace and love. I can’t wait to walk again soon… How about on a tropical island trail next time? 😃

And as for you, brothers and sisters, never tire of doing what is good.

– 2 Thessalonians 3:13, NIV Bible

(New feature: Running total of my mileage walked with friends on this blog challenge… 21.3 miles with 10 friends.)

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