Walk Day #4, Stephanie

The very first person to respond yes to my post this week asking people to join me on walks was Stephanie Allen-Rosen. This morning we met at her house and then did a nice long 2-mile loop around her neighborhood. The weather was gorgeous–about 60 degrees and sunny with beautiful light clouds in the sky.

I really loved this morning’s gorgeous sky!

I met Stephanie last year when she was new to our homeschool group. We have kids the same ages. I’ve enjoyed getting to know her sweet family! Today I saw her creativity and artistic talent as there were gorgeous paintings and needlework projects on the walls and shelves. Even the house walls are painted in fun, bold colors.

What I already knew was how incredibly delicious and perfect her baked goods are! She is super generous and keeps bringing them to the homeschool co-op. I think she’s trying to make us all addicted. It just might be working! Her home bakery business is Sense of Peace Cakes and Sweets. I think it’s pretty cool that she got to be a culinary specialist in the Navy, getting paid to do what she loves while also serving our country.

I love this picture! Stephanie says she was only about 19 here.

Even with baking, crocheting, painting, homeschooling and family stuff she still makes time for serving the community through her church. After our visit, she had a meeting to prepare shoeboxes for an Operation Christmas Child packing party. I love her heart and huge, contagious smile!

On this walk, I had a little bit of hip pain, likely from my old scoliosis and recent lack of sit-ups or any sort of core strengthening. Well, I also forgot to stretch beforehand. It was a little reminder that I’m not 20 anymore, but that I’m on the right path to getting back into shape and keeping it. I want to be a cute little spry 95-year-old who smiles a lot, still takes walks, and even does cartwheels along the way. (I saw a little grandmother featured on the local news back in Florida when I was a young gymnast, who was 95 and still cartwheeling, and I was inspired.)

Still cartwheeling at 48… Just 47 more years to go!

Stephanie inspired me today with not only her artsy talent, but she’s also been walking more and eating better. She’s a happy new Noom user, and has been tracking her daily steps on her Fitbit. Fancy! Keep up the great work, Girl!

Oh, and Stephanie rocks these adorable side braids!

It was a joy and blessing today to spend time with this beautiful human. I predict we will be enjoying more walkie talkies together in the near future! (That’s way more fun to say that walk and chat.)

“A cheerful heart is good medicine…”

Proverbs 17:22 NIV Bible

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