Walk Day #2, Laurie

Bright and early this morning I drove two of my kiddos across town to ride horses at Rein of Faith Ministries in North Scottsdale. My plan was to read the newspaper and a book, maybe even sneak in a nap in the cool weather during my three-hour wait for the kids to finish.

(I used to ride with the kids and other adult volunteers, but with homeschooling five kids I quickly realized that the hours of glorious solitude each week were even more exciting and valuable to me personally, ha ha.)

But since I still had no plans yet for my next walking partner, I was so happy to spot a friend still in her car next to mine who I could invite. Laurie said yes! I love spontaneous silly friends. 💕 The funny thing was, she happened to have been one of the like four people who actually read my Day One post yesterday.

Laurie Lawrence is a homeschool mom whose path keeps crossing mine. Her daughter is a gem, a sweet, inclusive friend to my daughter. They had so much fun together at last year’s annual horse camp up in Prescott. Also it turns out their family is neighbors with other great friends of ours. And recently my family joined the homeschool group that Laurie happens to help run.

I’m learning that her character and sweet heart are just as beautiful as her youthful face! I also love her au naturel curls with wisdom sparkles… which is what I’ve just now decided to call silver hair, LOL. Her sweet daughter made my day (year? decade?) when we first met by saying she thought my salt and pepper hair was beautiful like her mom’s. Awwww. She’s a keeper! (It’s tough sometimes to feel like the only weirdo on the block to let those wisdom sparkles shine.)

So, Laurie and I tromped off past the barn and ranch house, and onto the dirt road in gorgeous sunny yet chilly 50ish-degree weather.

I felt a little guilty when I noticed she had said yes to my walk without hesitation even though she was wearing cowgirl boots instead of comfy walking shoes. Then as we turned after about half a mile to walk back, she casually mentioned that she recently had back pain issues, too. I also remembered she’d had a major surgery last year. No biggie, LOL! She is a smiling, incredibly strong pillar of strength, peace and joy. She exudes acceptance and love and friendliness. I am in awe.

We had fun chatting about all sorts of things… Life, social media, homeschool, parenting, Covid shutdown, politics, aging, you name it. Laurie has a pleasant, sweet demeanor and is easy to talk with.

Back at the barn we visited the kids and pet the horses. We said hi to the ministry’s leader Cathy Davis, who introduced us to their newest adorable horse.

We followed the riders out to the arena and sat near a dad who also happens to be in her homeschool group. (In fact, I was with his wife and other moms last night for a fun spa night, including massage chairs, facial masks and pretty nails and chocolate!)

These ladies were so welcoming and became fast friends!
(In other news, this photo reminds me of why I’m switching to walks with friends instead of lunches…)

Back at the ranch… As we watched our young riders, the three of us homeschool parents talked about entrepreneur ventures past and present. Their kids are doing so many clever projects and fundraisers! Laurie’s even teaching hers how to use Quickbooks, and they recently invested together with Laurie and her husband in some lucrative real estate deals through their business Wealth Empowers. She really needs to help us other moms out and lead an entrepreneur club or class and share the knowledge!

Is there nothing this woman can’t do? Also, Laurie is a new grandmom, which has to be so fantastic. I’m looking forward to more walks with this treasure. She was an encouragement to me this morning.

We had to take this brave selfie on the move so as not to be trampled by our daughters and the horses, ha ha. I love how it turned out!

I see Jesus in you, Laurie, keep it up!

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