Walk Day #1, Andi

When we moved to our neighborhood six years ago, our daughter was instantly welcomed by a cute little pack of girls her age on bikes. I’ve loved having these families in our life over these busy years.

Part of the gang

This morning I got to go on a walk with one of these beautiful, sweet neighbor moms, Andi Stanfield. She wins some kind of prize for pet sitting for us the year we converted the kid’s bathroom to a temporary (stinky!) duck home. My family remembers that time fondly. We got Andi’s call while we were visiting my sister’s lake house… “You didn’t mention what I’m supposed to do with the duck’s eggs…” I was stunned. Eggs?? đź‘€ Eggs! “Kids, Midnight’s a girl!” The kids and I danced around in joy. Up until then, we couldn’t tell for sure.

A story for another day, LOL

Anyway, Andi is an incredibly talented quilter. My daughter and I got to help hold down the fort at her booth once while she taught a class at a big Pinterest convention. We were impressed at all of her work and her calm and engaging teaching style. I love the wonderful partnership she and her mom have in their True Blue Quilts business.

Last week Andi took me to her home studio and showed me her massive and awesome long-arm quilting machine. (I just couldn’t wrap my mind around how it worked when she tried to describe it to me on a previous walk.) Hanging everywhere were colorful fabrics and geometric patterns. Mesmerizing.

I asked Andi what her favorite current project is. Check this out! This is a very early in-progress shot of the blocks that eventually get put together with a white background. The pattern is a collaboration with her mom and will be called Directions, offered as a block-of-the-month series from TrueBlueQuilts.

One day I’ll probably have her come over and get me started on a project I’ve had tucked away in my closet and my heart for decades… A t-shirt quilt from various clubs, teams and jobs I’ve been part of. Although I suspect once I finally get around to it, those silly mementos from my 20s won’t mean much anymore. Unless my UCF Women’s Rugby shirt is in that old bag… That will make me smile.

(I’m in front in black… Not the right shirt.)
Writing this post got me in touch with my old rugby pal, AJ. She sent me this pic! Too bad my shirt’s words are cut off in the back… In college, I was very pleased with myself for commissioning this clever design. It says “Rugby women have real balls.” Heh heh heh.

But I digress. I don’t have anyone planned to join me on my walk tomorrow yet, but my fourth-born is getting grumpy that I haven’t taken him along lately. He sounds like a good buddy to plan on for tomorrow!

Today it was like 63 degrees and sunny for our mile-and-a-half walk. Thank you, Andi, for joining me out in this gorgeous weather today! Best of continued success in your ventures!

3 and I have filled him with the Spirit of God, with wisdom, with understanding, with knowledge and with all kinds of skills— 4 to make artistic designs for work in gold, silver and bronze, 5 to cut and set stones, to work in wood, and to engage in all kinds of crafts.

Exodus 31:3-5, The Holy Bible

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