Staking My Claim on the World Wide Web

I’m still in shock about it, but it’s true. Pinch me! Today Matt and I were actually able to claim the web domain name!

I just checked Facebook and found 75 (!) different people with my exact name, actually spelled the same, and another dozen or so with other spellings. Wowza! There’s a chef in Texas, there’s an actress and cinematographer with an IMDB listing, and there’s even one Savannah Rogers who actually went to my alma mater, UCF. Plus I already had discovered in one of my Facebook groups that one of my name doppelgangers is living right here in Phoenix! It really is unbelievable, and actually makes me feel a bit small in the world. I am still shocked to find that none of these people have snagged the domain.

I’ve read about parents buying domain names for their newborn children, to reserve that name for future use. I’ve occasionally felt a twinge of longing for a more obscure name.

I tried a couple times previously over the years to buy the domain name, but someone else always owned it. Once I’m pretty sure there was an exotic dancer using it. (Hopefully it will be clear to everyone that she is not me.) Also, I am happy to have snagged it even though I’m sorry if it frustrates some other sweet soul with my name in the future. You snooze you lose, my mom always said!

Now it’s mine, all mine! Mwah haha. (At least for the next ten years.) I hope Matt got a good deal on that with his GoDaddy employee discount!

The previous links to my WordPress blog address will still work, too. This one will just be easier to find and remember… And will be so much more professional when I’m getting publishing deals, stand-up comedy gigs and such! 😜

Hopefully the transition will be simple and go pretty much unnoticed, without a hitch. Thank you for reading! It’s fun to have you aboard as we explore this Wonder-full World!

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