Poems for Getting Your Wiggles Out

Earlier this year I entered a couple of poems into consideration for a book designed to help students in classrooms get their wiggles out. When the shutdowns happened, the publishers included quarantine and other 2020 topics.

I’ll post my entry poems below. (I didn’t make it into this book, but several of my poet friends from Madness Poetry did, which is exciting!)

This book looks so fun! It was just released this week:

Hop to It: Poems to Get You Moving is an anthology of 100 poems by 90 poets—with fun factoids sprinkled throughout, thematic mini-lessons, and extensive back matter featuring useful tips to help maximize student learning. You can share a new poem or two each week of the school year—and come back to share your students’ favorite poems over and over! Poems involve the whole body and incorporate a wide variety of movements—including deskercise!

You’ll find poems on “2020 topics,” too, such as life during a pandemic, virtual learning, staying connected with friends, and standing up for what you believe in. Take a “30-second indoor recess” (or “brain break”) whenever you need it!”

Hop to It and check it out!

Now, without further ado, the original Savannah Rogers poems you were so very eager to read: (Drum roll…)

7-8-20 (I didn’t actually finish and send this one in.)

Hop to It is found at Pomelo Books

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