‘Charlotte Mason Says’

I am, I can, I ought, I will… Children are born persons… Education is a feast of ideas rather than the filling of a bucket…

Nineteenth Century British educator Charlotte Mason had many wonderful, family-centered, empowering ideas about the human spirit and education. I’m inspired by her work. My favorite homeschool curriculum is a mostly-free, online Charlotte Mason curriculum at AmblesideOnline.org.

For so many years I’ve wanted to read Charlotte Mason’s original Home Education Series, but always had some reason I couldn’t. (It’s written in that 1800s way and definitely tough to read when you’re sleep deprived and distracted.) But just this weekend a mom at AmblesideOnline’s Facebook page shared the solution I needed!

John and Crystal Schindele host the Charlotte Mason Says podcast. Having Crystal read each CM chapter to me, then listening as she and her husband John discuss the topics has been so enlightening, and easy! Yay! It’s a lovely, brilliant podcast and I’m absolutely loving it so far, even though Miss Mason is stepping on my parenting toes a lot already.

I absolutely loved episode four! Charlotte Mason talks about how a successful family structure can change the world, starting from the family “tribe” loving, serving and respecting each other, then expanding the same approach outward to our neighbors, the nation and the world. That’s around minute 30. Then around minute 48, Charlotte says when we fix the family problem, “everything else gets fixed almost miraculously.” This book series was written so many years ago, but it rings relevant and true more than ever right now in our strange, contentious, riotous climate.

Take a listen! The Schindeles have a lot of resources and links on the web site they set up: https://www.charlottemasonsays.com

You can see a summary of Charlotte Mason’s 20 Principles of education at Ambleside Online.

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