Things I’d Like More of… Like Guitar Lessons!

A couple of weeks ago, I started this list of things I’d like more of in my life. This morning I get to check one of them off!

Today is day one of my first-ever guitar lessons!

The plan is to morph them into vocal and instrument lessons for the family, but at this point nobody is excited to start but me. For years I would just put my own desires off and focus on serving the children’s needs. Lately, though, I saw that I had lost a bit of my spark, my creativity and fun. I wasn’t much of an inspiration for anyone around here.

My mother was an incredible inspiration! She accomplished so many different and fabulous things in her life:

  • Award-winning fiber artist and painter
  • Legal secretary
  • Newspaper reporter who worked her way up to editor
  • Owner of a long-standing junk, art and antiques business
  • Graduated with a law degree from the tough Florida State University Law School
  • Co-founder and publisher of her own original newspaper
  • Authored a semi-autobiographical book about hippies building homes off-grid in the country, then created a publishing company to produce it.
  • Raised five successful, confident kids; and made the most amazing homemade soft tacos I’ve ever tasted, among other things.

Mom was an incredibly accomplished piano player, too, though I only got to watch her play a few times. Arthritis took that piece of her world away after awhile. She signed me up once for piano lessons, but apparently I was whiny and grumpy about it, so she wasn’t going to pay for me to sass my teacher and not practice. Later I asked why she didn’t teach me herself, and she said she wasn’t interested in ruining our friendship, ha ha.

I’m hoping to go into these guitar lessons with a better attitude now. 😊

I told my dad yesterday that I can’t wait to be able to jam with him. I love hearing him play his guitar.

(Hearing that music reminds me of those delightful weekends at the White Springs Folk Art Festival growing up, surrounded by all sorts of beautiful strumming.)

Other things I’d like to learn or experience:

  • Piano lessons
  • Guitar (begun 10-21-20)
  • More art classes
  • Songwriting class
  • Quokka selfie
  • Podcasting
  • Video editing
  • RV homeschooling to national parks
  • Ocean cruise
  • Press handstand, standing back flip, and an aerial (hands-free cartwheel)
  • Grandbabies
  • The house and yard completely decluttered, organized and clean all at the same time, ha ha ha
  • Read every book at
  • Create and publish successfully children’s picture books
  • Fit into my wedding dress again
  • Relearn my sewing machine and finish old cloth diaper projects
  • Send notes, cards and gifts to extended family and friends via snail mail like the good old days.
  • Take the kids to Hawaii
  • My grandfather clock fixed and chiming

By the way, how cute are these two instrument-playing storytime artists? I love Emily Arrow’s clever picture-book-inspired songs, and was recently inspired by Michelle Nelson-Schmidt’s fun Storytime Live.

I have happy memories of sitting around the fire pit with friends and family, singing along to all sorts of great songs while my brother-in-law Neil played guitar. I love it when Matt strums his guitar occasionally

Do you play an instrument? I hope to jam with you soon, too!

2 thoughts on “Things I’d Like More of… Like Guitar Lessons!

  1. Follow your dreams! My favorite quote and it inspired me to take my church choir to Carnegie Hall in 2009:
    “Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Life the life you’ve imagined”. (Thoreau)

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